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By Terra Lent

Escape Metal Art got it's name from the scenes I create with my jewelry that are an escape from reality. Escape Metal Art aka EMA will grow and evolve as my visions evolve. These are scenes that get stuck in my head and want to come out as jewelry specifically Metal Art. I wanted to make something that was more than just jewelry and more than just art I wanted wearable art. Statement pieces that in times like these can be seen and appreciated from a distance by others and can brighten up your dresser when not getting worn.

I am currently in a Sea & ocean mood as well as a space & galaxy mood. Heavily influenced by blues and purples.

Other themes I will be venturing into in the semi near future are..

From there who knows where my inspiration will take me but if you want to be kept in the know  sign up for our mailing list. 
I promise you won't even notice us as we do not send a lot of emails.
You can also follow our.
IG- @EscapeMetalArt



For custom orders and purchasing options on pieces pictured in the gallery or on social media but not listed in the store below the gallery.

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